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Skin Care Services

Choppers offers high performance customized facials to provide you with visible results. Each facial service includes a foot soak, consultation, cleanse and hydration of the face and décolleté area. For optimal results a series is recommended. For advanced skincare options please visit us.

Facial & Cleansing
Executive Cleansing
Express Glow (Dermalogica)
Rs. 3000
Every Skin Tone (Palmers)
Rs. 2000
White Glow (Fcial Plus)
Rs. 2550
Skin Brightining (Janssen)
Acne Defining (Essente)
Skin Lifting (Janssen)
Rs. 4050
Skin Lifting (Essente)
Rs. 4550
Other Skin Care
Hand Polish
Rs. 500
Feet Poilsh
Rs. 550
Full Arm Polish
Rs. 750
Full Arm Cleaning
Rs. 750
Full Arm Scrubbing
Rs. 750
Neck Polish
Rs. 300
Neck Cleaning
Rs. 500
Face Polish
Rs. 500
Deap Cleaning
Rs. 1200
Whitening Cleasining (Cut Plus)
Rs. 1500

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