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Our Waxing & Threading Services

Choppersa is an award-winning salon and parlour offering hair services ranging from haircuts for women, men and children to bridal/groom formal finishing, hair extensions, highlights and hair coloring, conditioning treatments and much more. Additional information on each of these services can be found by clicking on the descriptions below.

Cheeks Threading
Rs. 100
Forehead Threading
Rs. 100
Eye Brows
Rs. 150
Face Threading
Rs. 150
Back Trim
Rs. 200
Chest Trim
Rs. 300
Arm Trim
Rs. 300
Face Wax (Full)
Rs. 500
Chest Wax (Half)
Rs. 1500
Chest Wax (Full)
Rs. 2000
Back Wax (Half)
Rs. 1000
Back Wax (Full)
Rs. 1500
Arms Wax (Half)
Rs. 1500
Arms Wax (Full)
Rs. 2000
Legs Wax (Half)
Rs. 2000
Legs Wax (Full)
Rs. 2500
Body Wax (Full)
Rs. 8000

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